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Performing Throughout Southern California, Northern and Central California, Nevada and Arizona


by Steve Reverditto

FEATURING Prince The Flying Ring Bearer

Steve Reverditto with Scarlet Macaw Steve Reverditto with Hyacinth Macaw Steve Reverditto with Green Parrot
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About Steve Reverditto

Expert in Training of Parrots, Macaws, and Exotic Birds

Steve Reverditto with Scarlet Macaw Steve Reverditto with Scarlet Macaw Steve Reverditto with Scarlet Macaw

A multi-talented individual with many years of experience training and performing with exotic birds since 1995. Performances include television, movies, and personal appearances for educational and entertainment purposes. I am experienced at breeding all types and birds and in hand feeding. My introduction to birds was at an early age as my Grandfather was the breeder for Magnolia Bird Farms. The training method I use is positive reinforcement through affection and voice control, without using treats as a reward.

Steve and his birds perfom all over Southern California and are based in Riverside.

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To schedule a show or consultation call Steve Reverditto at: (714) 306-2194.