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by Steve Reverditto

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Bird Grooming

Discover the Advantages of In-Home Professional Bird Grooming

Steve Reverditto performs in-home bird grooming at your home - where your bird is most comfortable and least likely to have a traumatic experience when groomed.

There are big advantages to performing these services at home. One of the biggest advantages is that the birds are spared the stress of leaving their home environment to be handled by a stranger in an unfamilar location. This makes things easier for their owners, too.

If you own a parrot, cockatoo or other large bird, you know how intelligent these animals are. They soon begin to equate being taken to the strange location with the things that are done to them there. Some birds panic when they get near the vet's office or the pet store.

For bird grooming in your own home, Call Steve Reverditto at (714) 306-2194.

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To schedule a show or consultation call Steve Reverditto at: (714) 306-2194.