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Performing Throughout Southern California, Northern and Central California, Nevada and Arizona


by Steve Reverditto

FEATURING Prince The Flying Ring Bearer

Parrot Macaw - Prince The Flying Ring Bearer With Bride And Groom Steve Reverditto with Scarlet Macaw Parrot Birthday Party - Steve, Girl and Macaws
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Tricks Without Treats

Parrot Shows by Steve Reverditto

Steve and His Performing Macaws

Tricks Without Treats, featuring Steve Reverditto and his performing macaws, performs throughout Southern California , including the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County**, San Diego and the Inland Empire, as well as Northern California, Nevada and Arizona. Steve and the birds perform at birthday parties, conventions and meetings, as well as schools, hospitals, fairs and senior centers.

Steve's experience is lengthy and varied, with many years of experience training and performing with exotic birds since 1995. He and his birds have appeared in movies and television shows.

Steve also performs in-home bird grooming and conducts in-home training and consulting sessions with you and your bird. Conducting training sessions or bird grooming at home saves birds and their owners the stress of leaving home to have these services done in an unfamilar location.

A special service that Steve offers for weddings is Prince the Flying Ring Bearer. A stately blue and gold macaw flies from the rear of the wedding venue to land on a decorated parrot stand at the front, with the wedding ring attached to a white ribbon.

Our birds are only rewarded with love and are very entertaining, gentle and loving. They have been trained to respond to hand signals and verbal communication. They love to perform, and enjoy the shows as much as the audience.

Book your reservations today! Call Steve Reverditto at: (714) 306-2194.

(** Restrictions may apply for some performances in Orange County. Please inquire.)


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To schedule a show or consultation call Steve Reverditto at: (714) 306-2194.