Bird Training & Consultation

Handling, Taming, Problem Behaviors and More.

Handling, Taming, Problem Behaviors and More

Steve Reverditto will come to your home for training and consulting sessions with you and your bird. Steve can help with socialization between bird and owner, or show you how to break problem behaviours.

It helps immensely to conduct training at home. What is learned by the bird is more strongly enforced when the training occurs in their day to day environment, the environment in which the new behavior will take place.

If you recently had a bird come into your home, and you and the bird are still not completely familiar with each other, Steve can help.

Letters of Recommendation

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for how much you helped me with my Catalina Macaw.  I don’t know how she got into her plucking behavior to start with, but you have completely cured her of it!  It had gotten so bad before I called you, I would go to sleep every night wondering what would happen through the night and would often wake up to her squawking and screaming, running around in circles in her cage, only to discover she had kept plucking until she hit a feather that started bleeding really bad, and I would stay up for hours through the night tending to her bleeding feather, worrying if she was okay, finally getting it stopped, and then going to work the next day totally unrested from a night full of stress…  
I tried taking her into bed with me hoping that would help… thinking that way, if she even started to pluck I would notice and could physically stop her… but instead, I would just wake up to the same thing… her fluttering around on my bed covered in blood from her plucking… It started to seem absolutely hopeless… half her body had been plucked down to the skin, she would go nuts at night whether she was sleeping in her $5,000 cage or in bed with me… I had spoken casually with other people who owned birds that told me their bird started plucking too, and once it started, it just never stopped… that I should just accept that she was a plucker now and there was nothing that could be done about it.  That was when I thought to call you, after getting to meet you once a long time ago doing a show at the Bird Sanctuary in Del Mar.  I wasn’t expecting much, but figured it was worth a try.  I never imagined that after one visit her plucking problem would stop instantly!  
I am still kind of in disbelief to this day… and thankful every time I see her with all her feathers finally grown in again… and am now able to sleep at night without any worry of her plucking herself to death in the middle of the night, running all over her cage bloodied, etc..  It is going on about 5 months now since you helped me with her, and that has ~never~ happened since.  I can’t even believe it.  I thought, if anything, maybe the behavior would slowly improve over time… I had no idea it could happen in one day after one visit from you.  I remember you telling me you could do that when we spoke over the phone, and I just didn’t even believe it… but thought it was worth a try just to find out.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for how much you helped me and my bird!  She is now completely “pluck free” and I can sleep again at night… I cannot thank you enough!

Best regards,

Dear Steve,

We sincerely thank you for enabling us to restore peace in our home!

After witnessing your spectacular demonstration at the O.C. Pet Expo, we knew we needed you. We had arranged to transport our umbrella cockatoo to a new owner just prior to discovering you. During your show we saw your birds, not only obeying commands, but engaging other human beings. Our anticipation mounted as we were eager to know your secret.

Then, when you came to our home the following week, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that you didn’t employ any secrets, magic or voodoo-like practices. Rather, you focused on a simple common sense approach to bird behavior; our cockatoo had been reacting to our own fear. Your suggestion to view our bird as a ‘kid with feathers,’ changed our perspective and, consequently, our behavior around him. The positive results were immediate, and we have enjoyed new confidence as a result of your expertise.

On a final note, thank you for pricing your services reasonably!

I will personally recommend you to any bird owner or prospective bird owner I know.


Heidi & Roy Afusia

Dear Steve,

I just want to say Thank You! My Yellow Nape Amazon Indy had never been handled much I have had him since he was 3 months old but could only handle him enough to get him out of the cage and that was all. Steve came and after a great struggle was able to get him out of the cage but after that he was able to to pick him up and pet him and even hold him like a baby. Steve is the only man who has ever handled him. I was amazed, I was then able to take him and pet him all over his body which I was never able to do for ten years. Then there was Kokopeli my African Gray who also has not been handled much either and he was a breeder for a year also. But Steve was able to handle him right away without getting bit I may add and he was even able to swing him upside down and pet him. After he left I was able to take both Koko and Indy out of the cage and pet them. I will keep working with them as much as I can and let us see what happens from here. Thank you again and also driving so far to work with us.


Joshua Tree CA

Dear Steve,

Karly is is scarlet macaw I got for my husband about two years ago. I accidentally found him on Craigslist while searching for something else. We went to see him and he started with a loud squawking. We were wary but took him anyways because he was so beautiful and my husband always wanted a macaw.

First, we had him in the house but he was so loud and annoying we had to put him outside. Little did we know that Karly was unapproachable and untouchable, biting when approached and squawking whenever he was unhappy or every morning at 7:00 am sharp. One day we were invited for a kids birthday party and I saw Steve there with his four beautiful trained macaws. I could not believe it and was in awe. I knew he was the one who was going to help me with our macaw.

So I called Steve and he came over. I introduced Karly to him and Steve approached him, got him on his hand within two minutes, showed him that he will respect him and Karly was a different bird from then on. He was sitting on his arm, preening and kissing him within ten minutes. We could not believe that this was our mean, biting, loud bird.

The next morning to our surprise 7:00 am came and Karly did not squawk. I went out to see what was wrong and he was sitting in his cage happily waiting to be uncovered and fed. Steve came weekly for about 6 weeks and every time he approached the cage Karly would just step right up, with an ocasional attack, but Steve would take care of it and Karly became that nice sweet bird you could have only imagined. Now the problem was Karly hated my husband, he would attack if he tried to take him from Steve or give him positive attention. He was very angry at him and just would not accept him. We tried everything, like wearing a leather jacket and gloves to protect from the painful biting, but nothing worked until one day my husband attempted to pick him up and he bit him really bad. My husband demanded respect as Steve did when confronted with a similar situation to show him that this behavior was totally unacceptable, and one minute later Karly stepped up and was a nice bird, just as he was with Steve. Steve showed Karly that is was okay to be handled and it could even be enjoyable. Since then Karly and my husband hang out all the time. He sits on his arm while reading or working, and we can handle him and hand feed him. He is part of the family with three kids, five dogs and one cat.

Karly bit my husband a couple of times after the initial breakthrough, but he now knows that it is just unacceptable thanks to Steve’s unbelievable training technique. I am so grateful to Steve for helping us get the bird we have always dreamed of having. Thank you, Steve

Diana Geiger

Beverly Hills

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